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Our Producers

Duca di Saragnano

The vinyard is a family owned and farmed estate founded in 1938, situated on the eastern slopes of Mount Cetona, on the western border of Umbria. While remaining passionately faithful to ancient traditions, the estate has grown  from a small family winery to a modern producer of exquisite, and internationally renowned, Tuscan wines.

Pazzione carries 22 of the Duca di Saragnano wines, including Chianti Riserva, Sangiovese Toscana, and their delightful Sir Passo.

Montoro e Selvole

The wine of Montoro and Selvole, produced in the heart of Chianti Classico and aged in old barrels, owes its particular organoleptic characteristics to the position and nature of the terrain, as well as the mixture of Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes.


“The work carried out in the Sparapani Winery requires competence, tradition, sharing, experimentation, exchange, challenge, perservence, faith and especially passion.” (excerpt from Sparapani website)


“Our wines are “environmentally-friendly”: no chemical fertilitation, no chemical treatments, no insecticide and no herbicide. It’s really important to respect the environment to get good wines! Also for the energy: we use only the one produced by the photovoltaic panels on the winery roof. The  respect for the environment is essential to get quality wines.” (excerpt from Vogadori website)


We carry 3 of the Bonfadini sparkling wines, including Nobilium Brut and Veritas Nature.