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Sir Paso Sangiovese from TuscanySir Passo

Duca di Saragnano Wines

Sir Passo was conceived as an attempt to experiment new techniques in order to surprise and delight the wine drinker with a memorable combination of new aromas, flavors and style. It’s an extraordinarily captivating wine which literally flows like finest silk over the palate and where the predominant fruit character of black cherries, is kept fresh by Sangiovese’s natural acidity. Drink on its own or with meat-based pasta and meat dishes in general.

Production Area: Toscana
Grape: 100% Sangiovese
Aging: 6 months in stainless steel tanks and Slavonian oak barrels
Alcohol content:
14.5% alcohol by volume
Color: Intense deep red
Nose: The nose reveals a fruity aroma, full, warm and enveloping, we can distinguish the predominant aromas of ripe red and black cherry.
Taste: The taste is smooth, very gentle it leaves the palate nice and soft.
Food pairing: Game, red meats, seasoned cheeses and earthy pastas
Serving Temperature: 64/67º F

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