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Pian Oro

Pian Oro

Duca Di Saragnano

Pian Oro is an elegant and refined wine whose straw yellow color is crystal clear.
The intense and fresh aroma is an explosion of ripe yellow pulp fruits like pineapple,
melon and peach, complemented by citrus shades at the end. The fruity and harmonious
taste, is characterized by a long persistence and a good acidic base.


Denomination: Pian Oro I.G.T.
Grape: Trebbiano, Malvasia, Chardonnay and Moscato.
Alcohol Content: 12.5% by volume
Food pairing: Perfect to accompany seafood dishes, simply grilled white meats and, Sautéed pasta dishes, Margarita pizza will adore it.
Serving Temperature: 50º/54º

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