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Malanotte D.O.C.G.

Le Rive

Malanotte, whose name comes from an ancient town located close to the company, is the wine that represents the more prestigious elaboration of Raboso, Malanotte black diamond of Piave river.

Origin: From our vineyards in Negrisia, in the Friuli.
Vinification: aApart of grapes harvested places on racks undergo a period of drying, to obtain a more mellow and full-bodied wine. Then the grapes are pressed and the juice together with the skins is left to ferment and macerate for 4-5 weeks. Finally, after pressing, the must-wine is stored in oak barrels of 500 Liters (135 Gallons) where it matures for about 3 years. The bottled wine is left to rest for 6 months.
Alcoholic volume: 15.5 % Residual sugar: 6,5 gr. Lt.
Acidity: 6,5 gr. Lt.
Description: A deep red color with garnet hues and hints of cherry, black- berry and plum, accompanied by a spicy aroma.
Combinations and Serving Temperature: Find the best combinations with red meat, game and aged cheeses. 16 – 18 °C. (61 – 65 °F)
Storage: A cool place at 12-16 °C, protected from light, in the dark, it recommends opening the bottle one hour before serving.