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Why Pazzione?

We see our business as being as much about people as wine.

Pazzione wine toast

Get ready to toast easy relationships with communication and accountability.

Andrea Posani’s experience as a wine consultant, US market manager, Resturanteur and European buyer has given him inside experience with producers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and consumers. He is a walking compendium of Italian wine information at your disposal. His knowledge of the absolutely wide range of Italian wines, ranging from the classic to the new trend of “autochthonic” wine, is unsurpassed.

We joke about Andrea having Italian wine in his DNA. However, he was born in Firenze and raised in a downtown wine shop, so wine has always played a very important role in his life.




He opened his first wine cellar in Florence and was inducted as an honorary member into Italy’s first association of Sommeliers — a coveted accomplishment. As a restauranteur and now as a consultant for Pazzione, he’s brought a new level of excitement about Italian wine to thousands of people.

Why Italian Wine?

Because we think the Italians are the best wine makers in the world.
Interesting Fact – Did you know that Italy produces more wine than any other country in the world?

Italy 17.53%
Spain 13.61%
US 10.56%
Argentina 4.6%
Portugal 2.13%

% of total world wine production (Wine Institute)